Manchester Tumour Surgeon

Background Information

Musculo-Skeletal Oncology – tumours and lumps affecting the bones and soft tissues. This includes the treatment of benign (non cancerous lumps eg lipomas) and malignant (cancerous lumps called sarcomas) tumours affecting the soft tissues of the limbs and trunk. Benign bone tumours and secondary bone cancers (where cancer has spread to the bones from another site eg breast cancer in the bones) affecting the limbs are also treated.

Training and Sub-specialty interests

Mr Jonathan Gregory graduated from Manchester University and undertook his early training in the Northwest. He then undertook his higher surgical training in the West Midlands on the prestigious Oswestry rotation. He then completed Fellowship training at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital before commencing his consultant post at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Jonathan treats a range of conditions affecting the upper limb, predominantly the hand and wrist. In addition to this his main clinical interest is musculoskeletal oncology. He has a sub-speciality practice treating benign tumours (non-cancerous eg lipomas) and malignant tumours (cancerous tumours, also called sarcomas) affecting the soft tissues of the limbs and trunk. Jonathan also treats benign bone tumours affecting the upper and lower limbs and secondary bone cancers that have spread from another site (metastatic bone disease).  He is able to perform a range of limb salvage procedures including massive prosthetic replacement to maximise the function and quality of life for patients with tumours affecting the limbs.

In addition to his NHS practice Mr Gregory sees private patients at The Spire Manchester Hospital.